Opportunity Zone Fund:

Setup of subscription, disbursement, and operating bank accounts

Detailed investor and business subaccounting with associated supporting documentation

  • 24/7 online access for OZ Investor, OZ Fund, and OZ Property

Single dashboard – Initiate financial transactions, reporting, and investor communication from one place

  • Investor screening (KYC/AML, accreditation, and suitability)

  • Streamline and digitize the subscription process for investors and their advisors

  • Present offerings to broker dealers, RIAs, family offices and individual investors

  • Manage investor communication and follow-up related to due diligence inquires

Vaulted Recordkeeping and Fund Administration

  • Cap table management

  • Cost-basis accounting (inside and outside basis) – track each investor’s unique cost basis in the transaction over time

  • Capital Account Management (book capital accounts and tax capital accounts)

  • Distribution Management (including calculation of complex waterfall payments) – initiate distributions and connect to basis and capital accounts
  • Track and report business/property level investments, distributions, and sales
  • Track and report property and business level performance – both financial and community impact
  • Track original basis in a property and expenditures that contribute to the “Substantial Improvement”
  • Report on 90% “Asset Test” and secure needed 3rd party verification and opinion letters
  • Prepare investor statements and tax documentation

  • Prepare preliminary monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements

Investor Tools:

  • Use the proven NetBasis tax optimization tool to select which unrealized capital gain(s) will provide the best after tax return if sold and invested in an OZ Fund or Business
  • OZ Portfolio manager manage multiple OZ investments and the associated documentation in a single location

  • Basis and after tax return calculations – step up in basis (5 year and 7 year), deferred capital gain tax calculation (2026 payment), and 10+ year capital gain tax elimination on new investment

  • Charitable Giving Analysis – maximize AGI adjustments while finding charities within the same Opportunity Zone as your OZ investment(s)