Key Benefits of the Agora AltX Investment Ecosystem

Investor-Sponsor Transparency

Every financial transaction and supporting documentation is only available to verified and approved stakeholders, which cannot be changed or altered, giving greater visibility into the OZ fund performance in real time.

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Verifiable-Immutable Records

The ecosystem is supported by Pathchain™ and its PBDLT™ distributed ledger technology or “business blockchain” technology, which is a service providing a digital solution for financial record keeping and account administration as to issues of access, ownership, data breaches, physical security of documents and retaining licenses and permissions, by verifying and securing all documents and participants.

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No Cost to OZ Fund Sponsors

Agora AltX platform is FREE to fund sponsors. All fees are paid by our participating escrow bank, reducing overall project costs, allowing more capital to flow to the investment and ultimately helping to increase investor ROI.

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Streamlined Transaction Process

Agora AltX offers end-to-end streamlined and centralized processing that solves industry challenges of multiple business entities using multiple systems across banking, accounting, reporting and document storage. Starting with the onboarding of accounts to OZ business management, Agora AltX can completely cover the life cycle of the investment.

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Disruptive Pathchain™ permission-based DLT Provides the Clearest Path to Move Fund Administration and Business Banking Out of the Dark Ages

Agora AltX has formed a synergistic initiative with Western Alliance Bank that integrates Agora AltX permission-based DLT, Pathchain™, with Western Alliance Bank’s business banking capabilities. AAX will deliver an unparalleled and seamless integration of business banking and Blockchain-powered fund administration services to the Opportunity Zone market and corresponding stakeholders. With transaction records coming to the Pathchain directly from the bank, the Agora AltX Platform saves fund managers from laborious data entry and provides verifiable and immutable records that can be trusted by all transaction stakeholders. This integration of business banking will expand Pathchain’s ability to connect and secure all bank account records, supporting documentation, record of transaction participants and processes from end to end, allowing the fund sponsor to reduce costs, certify transparency/accountability, and focus more effectively on the overall profitability of the investment.

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