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The Agora AltX Platform offers a comprehensive suite of products and services that lower the overall cost structure of the Opportunity Zone Fund, including: Digital setup for subscriptions, disbursement and operating bank accounts; sub accounting detail and documentation storage; and Opportunity Zone Business and Investor tracking and reporting. Agora also offers complimentary investment tools for Opportunity Zone Funds to provide their investors. These tools include investor tax optimization, charitable giving analysis, Opportunity Zone portfolio management, and streamlined KYC, AML, and Accreditation checks.

Agora AltX Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Blockchain Solution for Opportunity Zone Funds

“Agora AltX, a fund administration platform, today announced the launch of its first-of-its-kind blockchain technology, Pathchain™.  Pathchain™ provides end-to-end automation to alternative fund sponsors, removing friction from the transaction process and providing greater investor transparency…”

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Disruptive blockchain technology provides unprecedented level of record keeping for Opportunity Zone Funds

“Agora AltX’s blockchain technology provides vaulted data security, record transparency, and bank account validation, all of which are critical to keeping complete and timely records, counteracting fraud and abuse, and promoting integrity in Opportunity Zone investments…”

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