OZ Investment

An integrated investment
ecosystem to manage your
offering, investor relations,
reporting and compliance.

Digital Investment Management

  • Stakeholder Online Interface
  • Contact Manager
  • Pre & Post Subscription Management
  • Partnership Bookkeeping +
  • Investor Reporting

Easily onboard your offering, manage your investors and portfolio companies, connect your service providers, and track and report on key performance and compliance metrics. Simplify the lives of transaction stakeholders through your OZ Investment Portal.

Bank Account Administration

  • Bank Account Setup (Control & Non-Control Accounts)
  • Digital Disbursement Requests
  • Investor Sub Accounting
  • Transaction Reconciliation
  • Automated Storage & Retrieval of Bank Transactions

Supported by Pathchain permission-based DLT™ and a direct connection to our member banks, our bank account administration services provide streamlined and secure operations, compliance, and auditing functions for your OZ Fund.

Automated Fund Administration

  • Cap Table Management
  • Cost Basis & Capital Account Tracking
  • OZ Compliance & Reporting
  • Investor Settlement Tracking & Reporting
    • Management Fee
    • Preferred Return
    • Distribution Management
    • Investor Statements

Our automated services will increase operational efficiencies, reduce fund management expenses, and help you focus on value-added strategies and relationships.