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Pathchain™ is a proprietary permission based distributed ledger technology (PBDLT) that features a unique state database with controlled transactionbased consensus algorithms. Pathchain’s greatest value is in its ability to track the transactional flow throughout the investment project’s lifecycle.  Pathchain will provide a complete narrative of all ledger activity, supporting documentation and the specific party transactional relationship within a single decentralized and immutable record.

The chronological sub ledgering component of Pathchain™ allows the end-to-end accounting of each fiat exchange, tracked from the point of the initial investment to the point of distribution throughout the duration of the investment project.

OZ Investment Management Platform

The Agora AltX’s OZ Investment Management Platform is a cloud based, fully integrated management solution that interconnects all participants (investor, fund, business, bank and service provider) within an OZ investment management ecosystem with key tools and services needs to provide higher cost efficiency and transactional transparency. The OZ investment Management Platform is directly connected to its proprietary permission based distributed ledger (business blockchain) system that automatically records and stores each transaction and record transmitted among all of the participants within a fund sponsor’s OZ deal network.